Filling machine


Filling machine for wine and oil bottles
  • AISI 304 stainless steel frame
  • Capacity of bags: 1-28 litri
  • Maximum bags size: 60x60cm
  • The work top is adjustable in inclination
  • Corks are taken off and inserted by hand through a lever
  • Stainless steel impeller litre-counter
  • The product volume is set through a display
  • The air can be sucked up before filling
  • Azote can be injected after filling
  • Air evacuation, product filling and azote injection are automatic
  • Filling time (for a 3-litre bag): 12-14s
  • The standard machine is as bench version

230 Volt, 50 Hz mono-phase motor

Stainless steel H model wheeled support

Filling pump (the wheeled support is required)

Flexible impeller pump (the wheeled support is required)

Air consumption 6 bar: 8,0 Nl/bag