Automatic monoblock


Automatic monoblock for wine and oil bottles
  • The Mbl 100 Monoblock is made of a filler and a corking machine and its frame is made of AISI304 stainless steel
  • It is possible to use standard corks or smooth caps, it is not possible to use both closures in the same machine
  • The monoblock is equipped with a central star suitable for only type of bottle
  • The dimensions of the bottle has to be value.
  • The maximun height of the bottle is 375 mm. For additional type of bottle it will be necessary an additional star.
  • STANDARD CORK: diameter 22-26 mm, height up to 50 mm, on request diameter of the cork up to 28 mm. 5 filling nozzles for an output per hour of about 800 bottles (75 cl).
  • CAPSULE: diameter 31,5 mm, height 24 mm (standard version). On request it is possible to use capsules with different dimensions. The capping  machine shapes smooth caps on the threaded neck of the bottle and makes the lower rim. It is not possible to use 2 different sizes of cap on the same machine. 4 filling nozzles for an output per hour of about 500 bottles (75 cl)

230 Volt, 50 Hz mono-phase motor

Air consumption (6 bar): 8,8 Nl/min

Bottle-conveyor band

Corking machine equipped with vaccum-pump and azote/gas injection system (only standard cork)

Azote/gas injection before filling

Star for special bottles

Inverter for 110 Volt, 60 Hz feeding